Description:        Background of the office of Engineering and Architecture design

   In 1932 M.L. ChuChart Kumphu, the former Director General 12thof Royal lrrigation Department, office of Architecture design group is under the plan section of office of construction. Later the water distribution systemand appurtenant design was developed,therefore, it has risen as a Plan Divison in 1942 and has planned toconstruct many large scale projects such as Chao Phraya Yai Project, Bhumipol Dam Project, Mea Klong YaiPorject, and Sirkit Dam Project so there was renamed as Design Division. Thence in 2002, the department has a internal restructured and change the name to be the office of Engineering and Architecture design,


The office of Engineering and Architecture design Duties and Responsibilities

1. Design and calculation of architectural and engineering drawings for the construction of various types of water resources development project, storage dams, barrages,irrigation and drainage systems and other civil works

2. Implementation on detailed preparation, material quantity, and cost of work as assigned

3. Cooperation with or supporting the operation other offices of divisions as assigned by the Department



Responsible Area

    The responsible area for the operation is the area of Regional Irrigation office 1-17


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