Foreign Financed Project Administration Division, the Office of Project Management, Royal Irrigation Department

โครงการพิษณุโลก (เขื่อนนเรศวร)

Phitsanulok Irrigation Project (Naresuan Dam)


PROJECT SIZE :       Large Scale Project

LOCATION :        Prompiram district, Phitsanulok province

SOURCE OF FUND :        International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)

LOAN AGREEMENT NO :        1149 TH

SIGNING DATE :        July 25, 1975

DISBURSEMENT PERIOD :        8 years

CLOSING DATE :        June 30,1983

LOAN AMOUNT :        95,000,000 US$ (Civil works 59,000,000 US$ : Consulting services 9,000,000 US$ : Vehicles and Equipment 20,000,000 US$ : Contingencies 7,000,000 US$)

COUNTERPART FUND :        3,588,469,796.25 Baht

INTEREST :           8 -1/2 %

GRACE PERIOD :         7 years

REPAYMENT PERIOD :       23 years


A. Construction

1. Construction of a diversion dam on the Nan River, about 30 kms. from the city of Phitsanulok

2. Construction of a main, lateral and sub-lateral canal system, and a service road system to serve a net irrigable area of about 97,000 ha

3. Construction of flood control works and drains,and the improvement of existing drains.

4. Establishment of pilot projects to develop techniques of on-farm development for demonstration and for training of extension personnel.

5. On-farm development on a net irrigable area of about 97,000 ha consisting of planning and construction of irrigation and drainage ditches, farm roads, land levelling and realignment of farm boundaries where required, and the issuance of land titles.

B. Provision of necessary agricultural supporting services to farmers, including extension, research, seed multiplication, credit, a fisheries development scheme and annual surveys of the incidence of water associated diseases.

C. Provision of buildings, equipment and vehicles required for the Project.

D.  1. Water resources studies of the Chao Phya and Meklong Basins
     2. Administration and organization studies to improve planning and implementation of irrigation programs.
     3. A feasibility study for a second stage project in an area of about 65,000 ha on the east bank of the Nan river in the provinces of Phitsanulok and Phichit.
     4. The preparation of further irrigation projects.

OBJECTIVE :        To provide irrigation facilities and support services to farmers in the Project area as well as technical assistance in related fields.

SERVICE AREA :        Left area 579,000 rai and 458,000 rai in the dry season, Right area 293,000 rai

FEASIBILITY STUDY :       in 1971 - 1972 by RID and USBR (USAID grant)

DETAILED DESIGN :        in 1977 by ELC(Italy) co. associated with Nippon Koei co. and SEATEC (Thai)

CONSTRUCTION :       is divided into 4 contracts :

1.Contract No. PI-I-1 in 1977 by Nishimusu Construction co.

2.Contract No. PI-I-2 in 1978 by Viwat Construction co.

3.Contract No. PI-I-3 in 1979 by United Construction co.

4.Contract No.PI-I-4 in 1980 by Vichitphan co. and consulted by ELC (Italy) associated with Nippon Koei co. and SEATEC co.