Internal audit work has implemented since B.E.2505 under the Regulation on Disbursement B.E.2505, Regulation on Receipt and Payment, Cash Safe-keeping and Submission to the Treasury B.E.2516 and Regulation on Cash Safe-keeping and Submission to the Treasury B.E.2520, which assigned the government agencies to appoint their government officials to perform the internal audit.

        Later, on 17 August 2519, the Cabinet approved the government agencies being the Ministries, the Bureaus, the Departments and equivalent government agencies as well as every provincial agency, to have manpower to perform internal auditors and then report directly to the heads of government agencies.

        Internal Audit Division was formerly named Internal Audit Unit; it is equivalent to the division, established under the RIDís order No.4 dated 5 April 2527.

        At present, Internal Audit Division is the agency formulated under the Ministerial Regulation Organizing the Royal Irrigation Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives B.E.2554 dated 22 December 2554.

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