Internal Audit Division is responsible for audit, analysis and evaluation of the work performance to ensure that RID’s implementation can achieve the objectives and goals efficiently and effectively in accordance with the specified strategic plan under the appropriate expenditure and risk management; audit and analysis of financial management system, supply management system and assets management system as well as other related management efficiently, effectively and economically; monitoring of the audit report; justice and independent consultation service to RID agencies, in order to promote the good governance, transparency in work performance and efficient control system; coordination with auditors at ministerial level, Office of the Auditor General of Thailand and concerned agencies; development of the internal audit system to be up-to-date and accord with professional standard, laws, rules, regulations or processes that are modified, for the work performance of internal audit division to be in conformity with the standard which responses to RID’s work efficiently and other works under the Civil Service Act and assigned by the Director General of Royal Irrigation Department. Internal Audit Division is divided into 1 branch and 4 groups as follows:

        • General Administration Branch

        • Internal Audit System Development Group

        • Financial and Assets System Audit Group

        • Strategic Audit Group

        • Analysis and Evaluation Group

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