Strategic Issues

1. Render consultation services

2. Contribute the confidence

3. Develop knowledge, capability and qualification of internal auditors

4. Encourage internal audit people to be full of academic, moral and ethics


Contribute the confidence

        • Inspection of the procurement

        • Construction contract administration

        • Audit work performance or implementation

        • Inspection of the E-Procurement

        • Report on financial data of GFMIS

        • Assets administration

        • Vehicles and fuel supervision

        • Revolving fund for irrigation

        • Land consolidation fund

        • Verification of the internal supervision report

        • Audit of the payment vouchers


Render consultation services

        • Correspondence

        - Writing

        - Telephone

        - Walk-in

        - Web board

        • Summary of issues and remarks from the audit and reports of external organizations

        • Notification of the performance guidelines, emphasis on vital finding issues affecting on the RID’ image

        • Lecturers of training projects, meetings to explain the performance guidelines

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