Core Value

                       CLEARS    =    Meaning of each alphabet of the word CLEARS

                       C       Creative
                                 Internal audit people shall be creative and apply their knowledge and capability for work performance

                       L        Listen              

                                 Internal audit people shall be good listeners; Listen intentionally to the reasons of people who request for consultation

                       E        Energy  

                                  Internal audit people shall be energetic and powerful, ready for work performance.  
                       A        Ability              
                                  Internal audit people shall have competence and ability.

                       R        Reliable           

                                  Audit work shall be reliable; it contributes the acceptance of audited units.

                       S        Standard         มีมาตรฐาน

                                  Internal audit shall be performed under the internal audit stadard and ethics of internal audit of the government agencies.

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