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1. Vision

We are excellence in providing support for the design, installation, making of standards on machinery, mechanical devices, water control equipment, electrical system.

2. Mission

(1) Study the techniques and how to develop the machinery, tools, research and related technologies to achieve the appropriate knowledge and technology in the workplace.

(2) Development and management practices, including repair, maintenance, tools, equipment, and personnel to achieve maximum efficiency.  In order to have availability in the operational accommodate mission of Royal Irrigation Department have a timely manner.

(3) Improve, rules and methods to support and service the machines, tools for agencies to develop water resources, water management. Disaster relief and protection of the water.

3. Strategy

(1)  Amendment of regulation and methodology on support and service of the equipment for offices/divisions in the development of water resources and water management.

(2)  Public relations and dissemination for understanding the regulations and methodology for providing equipment and service on machinery and equipment.

4. Goals

A. Implementation of OME can achieve the mission.

B. Adding satisfaction to clients both inside and outside of the Department.

C. Machinery and equipment in a condition ready to use.

D. Designed to determine the details, monitoring the mechanical and electrical systems to achieve goals.

E. Production and installation of the water gate, machinery, spare parts.

F. The research and development to support the implementation.

G. Saving electricity and fuel.

H. Management system effectively.

I. Staff performance and morale in their work.

J. Have the database system and the appropriate information technology.


5. Core Values :WATER for all

W ork hard be dedicated to work
A ccountability be accountable to duties
T eamwork be learning and cooperative
E thics be ethical on performance
R elationships be bonded and united

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