“Office of Mechanical Engineering”, 

In the past, line of mechanical work consisted of 5 divisions: Earth-Moving Equipment Division; Mechanical Engineering Division, Transport Division, Workshop Division and Communication Division.  It supported the construction and maintenance work of dams, regulators, canals and irrigation system, etc for regional irrigation offices.  In Year B.E. 2542 Earth-Moving Equipment Division and Mechanical Engineering Division were combined to be  Office of Mechanical Engineering.  Later, in Year B.E. 2545 Transport Division merged with  Workshop Division to be Office of Mechanical Engineering at present (Communication Division was transferred to be under Information Technology and Communications Center).


Office of Mechanical Engineering is divided to be 4 divisions, 4 branches and  7 operation centers as follows:


Engineering Division


Workshop Division


Electrical Equipment Division


Transport Division


General Administration Branch


Procurement and Supply Branch


Finance and Accounting Branch


Inventory and Stock Branch


Machinery Operation Center 1 – 7


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