Bureau  of  Human  Resources  Management  has  the  power  and  duty  according  to  the  Ministerial  Regulations  for  Division  of  Royal  Irrigation  Department,  Ministry  of  Agriculture  and  Cooperatives  B.E. 2557  as  follows:

             (1)    Organize  the  work  system  and  human  resource  management  of  the  department.

             (2)    Carry  out  training  and  development  of  the  department’s  personnel  and  outsiders  who  are  involved  with  the  department’s  work.

             (3)    Carry  out  research,  analysis,  and  development  of  the  department’s  knowledge  management  system.

             (4)    Carry  out  disciplinary  reinforcement,  development  of  merit  system  and  quality  of  work  life  for  department’s  personnel.

             (5)    Work  with  or  support  the  performance  of  other  related  or  assigned  agencies.


Bureau of Human Resources Management
Royal Irrigation Department

811 Samsen Nakornchaisri Dusit Bangkok 10300

Tel. 0 2241 3064
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